Thirty Pieces of Silver


By: Stephen Mathews - 2014

The things that I have

And all of my wants

The lust of another

My arrogant thoughts


To be better than others

To work up the ladder

Feeling a lite sense of joy

When otherís dreams shatter


To judge other people

To slander their names

To damn them to hell

To envy their fame


Abortions and lies

Adultery in the heart

Course joking with words

That tear people apart

Deceptions and gossips

To act like a fool

Hatred and malice

To not pay what is due


To take whatís not mine

Always asking for more

Spending my time with me

And not helping the poor


Picking favorites of friends

Treating others as dirt

To forget about You

No care for my neighborís hurt


With all of these things

Iíve betrayed you with haste

Please forgive me oh Lord

These things are all waste