Little Star

Twinkle twinkle

Little star

I wonder why

You are so far

Are you a planet

That’s like ours

Are we one of

Your twinkling stars

Do you have wars

And riots too

With senseless causes

And news not true

With cut down trees

And newly paved meadows

With busy streets

And run down ghettos

Or hungry kids

And polluted streams

Where single moms

Won’t live their dreams

Where automation

Is how things get done

Taking jobs

From everyone

I hope that things

Are better by far

Upon you

Twinkling little star

That you don’t have

All of these commotions

And sea life dying

In your oceans

We’ve made things worse

In the name of better

Somehow we even

Hurt the weather

So twinkle twinkle

Little star

Be careful

Where you are so far

You offer hope

During the night

As we gaze upon

Your twinkling light

I wish you were not

Quite so far

Twinkle Twinkle

Little star

Stephen Mathews 2017