I have come to know You Are

 By: Stephen Mathews

I have come to know You Are

Where on earth has my mind been

You made me and all creation

All Iíve done is chase the wind


You Are Wonderful and Grand

Iím not fit to speak Your Name

Next to you Iím only dust

I am all together lame


Love for You within my soul

I can feel it start to blossom

Your Name Is Great and Holy

Only You Are Truly Awesome


From subatomic parts

To galaxies so vast

You amaze me with your Love

Youíre the future and the past


I canít understand your Love

The Love You had when you made me

I canít fathom who You Are

Only things that I can see


Youíre with me and Youíre with all

You are more than just above

For You I stand in awe

And through Christ I give my love