Some Music I have written:

To God Warning I sing here and I know I can't sing
I Ain't No Good Warning I sing here too
Old Dirt Road
Little Star More singing
Dog Dreams
Ruff Stuff
Super Blues

Some photos I have taken with my cameras

A few poems I have written

I am Steve and I am often busy doing something.  I love Jesus dearly, but I often don't live that way.  And by his grace I am saved.  Am I a Jesus freak?  I guess, but I'm not in your face about it, not anymore anyway.  I used to be that way and learned that gets nothing good accomplished for anyone, you or me. 

Now long before I became a lover of Christ I was just a programmer.  I started programming when I was about 12 years old.  It was in BASIC on an ATARI 800XL purchased from Jefferson Ward in North Miami, Fla.  Those were interesting days... BBSs and 300 baud modems.  I ran the G.I.JOE Head Quarters BBS and went by the handle Snake Eyes.  Wow!  Then I eventually got an ATARI 1040ST 16 bit Motorola based system with one full Megabyte of RAM, and a screaming 8Mhz 68000 procesor (no floating point chips though).  It was on the ST that I used my $150.00 Lattice C compiler to learn The C Programming language in 1986.  Then life happened...

The year Windows 95 came out I started taking C++ seriously and learned the philosophy behind object oriented practices and things like polymorphism.  I would say that it took about a year before I was able to think in C++ fluently.  I have been programming in C and C++ professionally ever since.  My language of choice is C++ by far and I used it as a "better C" and a true object orientented environment.  The first well known class set I learned and used was Microsoft's Foundation Classes or MFC.  Yep, I was a Microsoft guy through and through.  I learned COM and later DCOM.  I used to write COM objects and ActiveX controls for Visual BASIC deveolpers.  Yes, I owe a lot to Microsoft, well.... owed.  That debt has been paid.  I don't even run Windows at home anymore. 

In '97 a supervisor of mine named Manny was kind enough to give me a copy of Linux.  "What is that?" I asked when he told me about it.  I took my slowest Intel based computer a 133Mhz Digital Equipment and installed Redhat.  My whole world changed.... Thank you Manny. 

From then on I focused on multi-platform developement in C/C++, writing thousands of lines of code, hundreds of classes and libraries, and many tools and programs that would compile on both Windows and Linux.  It was my strength, multi-platform development and I enjoyed it, you could tell.  Today, I focus on UNIX, I run Fedora or Ubuntu or both, it depends on how I feel.... If I run my Windows 7 DVD it's in a Virtual Box instance on my i7 with 16Gigs of RAM.  My phone has far more power than the 16bit ATARI I learned so much on. 

These days I am a well established finanicial processing systems developer.  Authoring systems that run 24/7 365 and run at high TPS rates.  If you don't know what all that means, it doesnt matter.  The good news is you don't have too... I do.  With all the GUI tools that I have at my fingertips I elected to author this page using vi.  Actually it is vim, which is better than vi.  The vim guy is great, donate to his cause, which is helping others in need, at 

So my interests besides my family are this stuff and learning how to apply what I have learned from the bible.  Notice that I said apply.  I have read the bible from front to back twice and have read it in parts several more times since I was baptized in 2001.  I've listened to it a number of times as well.  I know it well, maybe better than you, then again maybe not.  Fact is, that doesn't matter, if I don't live it.  I used to be a real piece of work, knowing I know it and in your face about it.  I was taught by a group of folks that believed that "knowing" your scriptures was paramount.  So it was important to me also.  I was an arguing debator of the Word.  Something it actually says not to do.  Yeah, I was pretty bad.

Some might think, ok so you try to live it out by following the ten commandments.  Ok.  Let me list them: 

If you have a bible and want to see them in detail they're in there twice, Exodus chapter 20 and Deuteronomy chapter 5:

And the Lord spoke these commands to Moses... (I'll paraphrase)

  • Have no other gods besided Me.
  • Have no idols.
  • Do not use the Lord's name improperly.
  • Remember the Sabbath day, don't do any work on this day.
  • Honor your father and mother.
  • Do not murder.
  • Do not commit adultery.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not lie.
  • Do not covet what other folks have.
  • So, here is a list of the ones I have kept:


    Yes, I have broken them all.  I am not willing to discribe how I have broken these commands on the Internet.  It's hard enough to admit breaking them all.  And this, my kind reader, is why I love Christ so much.  Take care.